27 July 2011

Tuesday Tutorial.....on Wednesday.....

OK......I am well aware that today is not Tuesday but i normally pre write my tutorial on a Monday ready for publishing on Tuesday, but my little girl Poppy decided to have a fight with the baby gate on Monday and the day involved my rushing her to the docs with a bloody face. She is OK apart from a split lip bruised gum and a hole in her lip where the tooth went through it. I don't think she will be fighting the gate again!
So today will be "Tuesday"  tutorial on Wednesday!

A lot of people don't know this but the Fiskars shape templates are great for cutting fabric to appliqué. It is quite simple! Here is how you do it....

Firstly, Make sure you have a new blade in your Fiskars shape express tool. The blades are not expensive and you can pick them up at Spotlight or Abiscraft on the web. Abiscrafts shipping is only $1 worldwide which gives you more money to spend on Fiskars tools!!!
Once you have a sharp blade. choose your fabric and iron on  vliesofix to the back. bondaweb also works. i have even used that iron on interfacing. What you need is to make the fabric stiff so it will cut like paper cuts.
Once you have it ironed on. using a FISKARS mat ....and i CANNOT emphasize  this enough ( your shapecutter will not work on one of those cheap green self healing mats) cut out your shape as you would a paper shape. The blade will glide though like butter.

Once you have cut your shape off attach it to what ever you want to use. I am using body suit for Poppy.
Once you have attached it where you want it, using a sewing machine if you are lazy like me, or hand stitch around the shape.
And there you have it! a personalize bodysuit!
All the Fiskars templates work I even used the butterfly one on a body suit. The butterfly template is quite detailed but it cut it no dramas. Here is Poppy modelling the finished item for you!
All i added on this bodysuit was a few buttons on the wings.

I hope everyone out there gives this a go! I just love the Fiskars Shape templates!!!!

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Kelly Sas said...

I can't thank you enough for this great idea and tutorial! I came over from Fiskateers. I do applique and stamping on onesies (or bodysuit as you call it)but never thought to use the Fiskars templates and USX. I am so excited to give this a try!!!