19 July 2011

Tuesday Tutorial.... Using the I-Top.

I have this great gadget called the I-Top. I brought it as i was sick of not having the matching brads for projects. And since i have got the
 I-Top i LOVE it!

It is quite simple to use but i thought i would show everyone how to use it and if they want to buy one by the end of this tutorial you can get them and all the accessories at Simon Says Stamp
Apart from making brads, the accessories that are now available let you make hair clips,badges,magnets and headbands. so cool!
This is the I-Top gadget.
Here is how to use it.
First you pick your paper and size of brad you want to make. they come in 3 sizes. i am using the medium one as it is a good size to see when photographing it.
Once you have decided what size you want. you need to get a brad shell(there is 2 parts top and bottom-braddy bit) Then you need to cut out your paper to match the size of the brad. The tool comes with little stencils for you to trace and cut out. but i am lazy so i brought the punches that match the brad size. so punch out a piece of paper or cut one out by hand.
once you have done this i like to put a little bit of dry glue onto the middle of the back side of your shape. i find it easier to line up when you are making the brad(as you will see in a few steps down) I used herma dotto.

Stick the top part of the brad to the glue you put down.

put into the metal side of the I-Top and push down with the handle.
It should look like this.

Push down the bits of folded paper into the top part of the brad.

Place the bottom part of the brad into the little hole in the metal part of the I-Top and line up with the top part of the brad that is still in the white sucker part.(you will see mine is not straight i only did this so you can see where it was going)
Press with handle again.

Open the handle and the brad is pushed together in the white sucker part.

Pull the Brad out and there you have it a customized brad!!!
You can use any paper and then make sure specific patterns are lined up like i did with the little cat. or you can even pring pictures and put them on brads as i did in my other post today. I used sticky back fabric and printed on it to put my niece's face on the brad!

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TracyM #6773 said...

This has to be the coolest tool Tara, it would be so handy being able to making brads that were a perfect match - thank you for the tutorial :)