06 December 2011

THe 12 tags continue with day 5 and another day another saga......

Well we are almost 1/2 way there in the 12 tags of Christmas with tim holtz . BoooHooo!!!! i don't want it to ever end..... well... maybe i do....because it seems to me that i am getting into a bit of a funk when it comes to creating my tags each day.
I have come to the conclusion that when ever i make a tag in the evening all's fine and well but if i do the tag the following morning ... well all hell breaks loose!!
 This is now the second day in a row that my tag making has not gone according to plan.......
Let me explain........ if you read yesterdays post i finished my tag and by the end of it i was maimed and disfigured by my heat gun......  well today it was the tools i was using that bore the brunt of the destruction today.
Firstly if you know me i am a VERY organized person when it comes to crafting. Having Zoe who has ASD i need to keep organized. So when i come to find a specific item......say an archival ink pad........ you would think i would know where it was....but NOOOOOOO......could i find it? Damm ink pad had disappeared. Unless Rob is secretly crafting and stashing my ink pad WHO KNOWS where it's gone. so i had to use Staz on. Which to be fair Tim Holtz said not to do. I now TOTALLY agree with him cause no sooner than i got the staz on ink pad out i dropped it on my trousers!   I now REALLY know why it is called STAZ ON!!!!  It will not come off no matter how many time you put your trouser in the machine with large quantities of washing powder.
Ok so i am now sitting at my craft desk in my undies(trousers are in the wash for the 2nd time) inking my tag. Surprise it worked! yeah!
I then go to grab my slice machine to make the wreath for the tag. i go to cut the bazzill card
(i learnt from last time slice + grungepaper = disaster) but the blade snapped. i tried again...it snapped again. so my slice machine has decided to die on me. so instead of finishing my card i email slice etc as it is still under warranty.
Meanwhile while this is all happening Poppy(my 1 year old) is running wild in the house her trouser are off too....maybe seeing mummy with no trousers she thought it was some kind of game?? and snot all over her face as she has learn a new trick.....everytime mummy blows her nose she will too! but on her hand or just snot into air! so between chasing poppy around the house trying to get her pants back on,cleaning up trails of snot i finally got the tag finished. Done!
And do you know what happened next........... Poppy fell asleep just as i finished!!! Typical!

Well i hope you like the tag. from now on i am SOOOO doing them of a night!

Tara :)


Anonymous said...

You did a great job on that technique-I didn't even try it.

Kellystar 6446

Jay Gee said...

LOL Tara... I like your perseverance! Love the colours on your tag :)

Sue in CT said...

That looks totally awesome! I love your wreath. I didn't even try it yet.

Lyn Dwyer said...

What a day you had TARA.....I wasn't even crafting much when my boys were little so I can only imagine how hard it must be with toddlers around.....I must admit....I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.....LOL!