05 December 2011

Day 4 tag done but not without getting the #$*@ with the cuttlebug!

Ok as i have been putting up all of the tags for the 12 tags of xmas from tim holtz I have had most of what he used of if not i have had something similar that i can use in stead of.
My slice machine has been great apart from breaking 3 blades in the machine trying to cut grungeboard and acetate with it! but mostly i have achieved what i wanted to do with the tags.
Today was different.........
Nothing seemed to want to go my way today! the snowman did not have a hat..... i could not find my buttons..... the crackle paint just DID NOT want to dry and my stupid heat gun kept over heating and stopped working.... on top of that i picked up my heat gun the wrong way and burnt my middle finger..ok i hear you say i can give people the bird and say i am showing them my burnt finger but IT HURT!!!! and now i have a circle pattern on the tip of my finger!
on top of all of this...for the life of me my die-namic snowflake die and my memory box snowflake border die WOULD NOT cut through acetate  or even thin plastic! so i had to improvise with a glue pad snowflake stamp and some glitter to try to get the effect i wanted.

so after all of this.....here is my tag.....oh and did i mention i was doing a card the same for zoe to give her tutor... so double trouble!!!

i hope you like them

(a burned and frustrated) Tara :)


Anita Houston said...

You have me in stitches...LOL!!! Sorry about all your trouble. Your card is so cute, and don't worry about the hat...it blew away!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg did you ever think tgat maybe you weren't ment to craft today? Hope you are ok?
Luv Mel xxx