14 December 2011

A Christmas Apron.

Hello there! I love to be festive throughout the christmas period so i make myself an apron each year.
This year i have made a 1/2 apron with lots of frills! And then i thought what a great gift for Zoes teacher!!!'So now i am making 2!!!
You will have to bear with me when i show you how to make this great apron as i cannot seem to find the pics i took as i was making it. so i will have to show you what i can.
P1000944 (Medium)

For the Apron you will need....
Fiskars large Quilting cutting mat.
Fiskars Rotary cutter
Fiskars Scissors
pins,sewing machine etc.......
and for the fabric.....
 52cm x 40cm plain fabric x 2 (back of apron)
75cm x 16cm strips of patterned fabric x 4 (frills)
53cm x 12cm strip patterned fabric x 1 (apron band)
80cm x 10cm strip patterned fabric x 2 (ties)
Ok ...cut out all these bits of fabric and iron.
Take the 2 pieces of plain fabric and pin them together wrong sides together. sew around 3 of the sides and turn right side in. Iron.
Hem 1/2 cm around all 4 of the frill strips. hand stitch loosely on the top of each of the strips to gather your fabric. pull the thread you hand stitched on to to gather the fabric to 50cm long(or to reach the length of your apron back.make sure you tie a knot in each side of the loose thread to the gathering does not come undone.
Once this is done,starting from the bottom sew each gathered strip of fabric on your apron back.
You should start the first one approx 3cm from the bottom of your apron back.
P1000988 (Medium)

Continue sewing each gathered strip on your apron back just so the bottom of the gathered fabric overlaps the previous frill approx 3cms.
P1000987 (Medium)

Once you have all the frills on your apron the top frill should be almost at the top of your apron back.
Put all this to one side.
To make the ties simply take the 80cm strips fold in 1/2 wrong sides together. Iron. hem the 2 raw edges together and on one end sew the end together by sewing on a diagonal. this will make it look a little neater. Do this to both strips of fabric.
Turn the right way in.Iron.
Sew these 2 ties to the top of each side of your apron. make sure you sew the raw end to the apron.anddon't forget to make sure both of your diagonal ends face the same way!(i did not check and had to unpick and redo it!!!)
you will not see the raw ends when you put the apron band on.
Take the apron band strip and hem all 4 edges 1/2cm.
Fold in 1/2 wrong sides together and iron.
Place over the top of the apron to cover the raw edges and ties that you sewed on earlier and pin.
sew down each side and accross the bottom of the strip so keep it in place(as you can see in the picture.)
P1000989 (Medium)
And the apron is done!!!!!!!!!
To be honest you do not have to be exact with your measurements as this is quite a forgiving pattern. and if you want more frills just make the strips thinner and make more of them!!!
P1000945 (Medium)
This apron does have a long tie .but my model...Zoe is only 10 and Really skinny so it made it look even longer!
Tara :)

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