12 December 2011

Twelve tags Day 11..... and the ##@$%## shrink plastic!!!!!!

I love the Technique today on tag 11's tag for the 12 tags of Xmas. But if i have to even THINK about F***ing shrink plastic again i may hurt someone!
Last night started as it has most nights bar 2 over the past 11 days.....me waiting at the PC for 7pm Australian time for tims tag to go on his blog and me getting excited, finding what i need and making it.
Last night and today was different.......
I went to get out the supplies. I KNEW i had shrink plastic. I brought a sampler pack ages ago and i was SURE that it was with all my photo papers , acetate, canvas etc. I looked. I looked again. Nothing....... I thought where could it be? i went through all my boxes of craft stuff in Poppy's room.Nothing. Maybe i used it all up, i thought to myself. So i thought...i will do what i can on the tag and but the shrink plastic at the craft shop tomorrow and finish up when i get home.
Easier said than done........
I went to Richmond (about 30kms away from my place) to the local craft shop. I was pouring rain and i had a grumbly Poppy in toe. I got there. Lights out.....The craft shop closed on Mondays!.... i am not physic am i? how was i suppose to know this! so i went to the 2 newsagents. Nothing."Whats shrink plastic?"i was asked!
I went to Big W. Nothing. i was getting a bit pissed off by now as it was STILL raining and Poppy wanted food. so i fed and watered myself and Poppy and continued on my quest.
I drove back home. went to my local town Springwood and then went to the office place. Nothing. the news agency  Nothing. then the art shop. I asked the man. He knew what i was talking about YEAH!!!! "sure"he said "i will show you."WooHoo! VICTORY!!!!!! we went to the shelf and you would not believe it.... SOLD OUT!@!!!!!!!!!!
This was getting ridiculous!
I thought i would try one last place. so off i went to Sew and Save. no shrink plastic their either but the lady did tell me i could use #6 recycled plastic from bottles etc. Great i will go home and do this.
I got home. Dumped Poppy off on Rob and started my search in the fridge. #1....#2.....#2......#1.....and it went on like this for everything plastic in the house. I even resorted to hunting through the recycle bin outside looking for #6 plastic! I must have looked like some kind of hobo with my bum up in the air,head in the bin!!!

So i gave up.
I decided that if i just cut out small acetate holly leaves and put alcohol inks on it it will look ok.
I went to the cupboard and grabbed the packet of acetate. Went to get a sheet...........
Excuse my language but OMG!!!! you would not believe it would you!
So without further ado here is the Tag that is the bain of my life.........

And you know what. ....... i don't really like it!!!

Tara :)

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Plume said...

Igreat story! It happens to me too....HAHAHA! I love the way you talk about yourself! If I had to talk about my adventure with the shrink plastic...I would still be trying to communicate my story! I had a lot of trouble because of a simple detail...In the end everything I tried just lumped and lumped...