27 January 2012

Lawn Fawn's got a new range..........

I will be honest with you from the start...... i love  Lawn Fawn.... i have 24 of their sets. i would have every set if i could but some how i do not think i could justify this to my hubby.
So when i clicked on the lawn fawn blog this morning, i think i almost had a heart attack!

Lawn Fawn are.........wait for it.............
I almost fell off my chair when i saw the video sneek peek!

It was like Lawn Fawn let their stamps get together with their inks and they went and had babies!!!!!

I love lawn fawn and this just did it for me! If my hubby ever wants to get his leg over at some point all he needs to do is bring home some of this new paper range !LOL!!!! (boy!i hope he does not read this... i will come home one night to find the house covered in lawn fawn papers!!!..........then maybe that not a bad thing!!)

Anyway here is the lawn fawn link  and a little sneak peek of the range.


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~kelly marie~ said...

Thanks so much for blogging about our paper!! SO thrilled that you love it! :)