31 January 2012

Tutorial- making a pencil roll

If you are like me and have a BUNCH of colouring in pencils.......and not the cheap ones........You,like me will hate it when they get banged about in a pencil case and the lead breaks within the pencil, then every time you go to sharpen it it breaks again! 
I have solved this problem with a idea that i saw. A pencil roll.
P1010294 copy (Medium)

It is really simple, all you will need is some scrap fabric, wadding, 2 metres elastic and some old ribbon or binding tape.
Firstly, Cut yourself 2 pieces of fabric size 70cm x 35cm with your pinking shears or a rotary cutter. then cut yourself a piece of wadding the same size.
Make a sandwich with fabric- wadding - fabric with the wrong sides of the fabric touching the wadding.
(sorry i should have taken a pic of this...i forgot!!)
Sew around the outside edge of the whole rectangle.
Take your elastic and cut in 1/2 (2 lots of 1 mtr) place across the fabric rectangle approx 1/4 from the bottom and then 1/2 way. pin.
P1010295 copy (Medium)

Sew across the fabric and elastic the whole length down every 11/2 - 2 cm (depending on the thickness of your pencils) keep doing this the whole way till the end. You should get approx 45 -50 places depending on your spacing.
Trim off excess elastic.
Hem your whole rectangle of fabric with either binding tape or like me some ribbon. I used grosgrain ribbon as it is a little stronger.
P1010296 copy (Medium)
And you are done. You can use a bit of ribbon to roll and tie it together like i did or you can even fold it instead.
Here is mine all filled up with my aqua pencils.
P1010292 copy (Medium)
And here are my trusty Fiskars tools that i used THe Pinking shears are Great to stop fraying and the rotary cutter is great to cut those long straight lines!!!
P1010298 copy (Medium)


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